2015 Best Investments

Investing is sound financial strategy even if it comes with risks. There are tons of options out there for the savvy investor but they need to know exactly where to put their money to its best use. Not sure where best to invest? Here are just a few of the best areas in for 2015 to put your money:

Stocks and Bonds:

Always invest in a few bonds just to offset any risk for your other investments. Diversifying is vital in order to spread your money around. That way if one area fails you, another can pick up the slack. It’s financial ruin to put all your money on one thing. The best sector to invest in right now for stocks has to be the health care and technology fields. Those are high in demand at all times and technology in particular has a great deal of growth with every innovation made.

Mutual Funds:

This is the low cost investment that is dependable and monitored by industry professionals. You can invest a little alongside other people, and the mutual fund manager monitors the investment. They’re not traded at the high rate that stocks are, which makes prices more stable. Investing in mutual funds like Fidelity Select Health Care Portfolio or Vanguard is a great investment strategy. If one section of a mutual fund goes down, it doesn’t bring down the entirety of the fund.

Precious Metals:

Though it’s true that some metals have lost value, it’s still a great area to consider investing in. For example, palladium is being used quite a lot in China so there’s clearly a demand in it. Most outlooks indicate that the price of palladium and silver will rise soon. In fact, silver is predicted to grow by 25% or more. As with stocks and bonds, it’s not wise to invest in only one metal. Try investing in a mix of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Blue Chip Stocks

Often considered to be high value, this is a safe option for long-term investment because they resist sharp drops due to recession or economic downturns with a steady ROI (Return on Investment). This is primarily because blue chips are companies that are well known to be successful. Stocks like this do not fluctuate in price often enough to making selling very profitable so companies will reward investors through sharing some of their profits. For example, Apple could well net an investor stable earnings over time due to dividends being paid out.

Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are debt securities issued by the government in order to fund needed public amenities like schools and fire stations. Think of it like a low interest loan. Municipal bonds are attractive because of their tax-exemption status. In fact, they’re pretty safe because they’ve been stable and generally retain value because default rates are low.

Finally, the watchword for any investor should be diversification. Responsibly managing your money in a variety of sound investment strategy is key to reducing the risk of investing money in any sector. Make sure to do your research and soon you’ll have every chance of getting a good return on savvy investments.

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