5 Things A Small Business Office Must Be Equipped With

small business office

There are a lot of ways to make a small business office more useful. And when you think about it, it’s actually mandatory to keep yourself and your team members more organized and more effective. More often than not, it’s those basic things that keep every office functioning smoothly.

Below are 5 different options that you can have put into place to make it a lot easier to get work done.

1. A Decent Computer

There are plenty of decent computers on the market for very little money. You should, however, always have a computer in place that can be counted on to run software that you need to run your business with. A very cheap laptop is good for on the go, but for heavy office work it can end up breaking on you quite a bit. Have a desktop computer built that has more than what you need in it so it works now and in the future.

office computer

2. Whiteboards

You can use a whiteboard to plan out your days, to show others what you need to have done, and more. Announcements can be written on the board daily and that can make it a lot easier to share with others. One nice thing about whiteboards is that you can get many different colors of markers that are easy to clean up when you’re done writing with them.

3. Fire Safety Equipment

You probably won’t have to deal with a fire at your job ever. But, if something were to happen you will really wish you had some way to battle the fire or at least get help. There are options that will help to alert everyone else when there is smoke, or a sprinkler system that helps to keep a fire under control. Make everyone in the office practice escaping during a fire, as well, because even though it seems silly it could seriously save the lives of everyone there.


4. Printer And Scanner

They make great printer and scanner combos that are very cheap these days. There are also copiers that can be used if you need to make a lot of copies of anything on paper. When you are looking for printers, know that they need to be well reviewed and that they need to be compatible with your office. You may want to buy some extra ink as well so you’re not having to run to the store every few days if you do a lot of work with the printer. Be careful when buying very cheap printers because they can make your life more frustrating.

5. Phone

You probably have a cell phone like most people, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your office always. If you don’t want your phone to always be ringing when you’re not at work, then getting a dedicated line for the office is a good idea. You can create a whole phone network in your building for multiple employees which can be useful no matter what your office does. It’s also possible to find voice over IP options that work through the internet, which can be better a lot of the time in terms of price.




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