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5 Things A Small Business Office Must Be Equipped With

small business office

There are a lot of ways to make a small business office more useful. And when you think about it, it’s actually mandatory to keep yourself and your team members more organized and more effective. More often than not, it’s those basic things that keep every office functioning smoothly.

The Changing Landscape of Global Nearshoring

While the financial crisis is long gone, and most economies are getting back on their feet, the process is rather sluggish. The economic growth ranges from 1 to 3 percent for developed economies like the US, while the so-called “emerging markets” in Asia and Africa could potentially see growth range from 2 to 6 percent. According to a 2014 global study conducted by the Penn State University, slow economic growth will continue to be a major factor affecting the landscape for at least the next twelve years. Consequently, these slow conditions are expected to spur more nearshoring of manufacturing activity back to the Americas in the near future.

How to Choose the Best IT Sales Recruitment Agencies

IT Sales Recruitment Agencies

IT sales recruitment agencies have created a process that will assist in determining the best salespeople for certain positions and companies.

Regardless of your experience in the IT industry, looking for a job is always intimidating. After all, you will need to put yourself out there. You will need to please managers after managers, companies after companies, hoping after each test, after every interview, that they’d find you suitable for the job. You’d find yourself scouring job

When Should You Say No to Socially Responsible Investing

When Should You Say No to Socially Responsible Investing

Thanks to millennials, more investors are concerned about the companies in which they choose to invest. Investing, for many, is not just about big growth and beating forecasted projections. Some investors want to know that the businesses they invest in are doing good by society and the environment. So, many investors avoid stocks that are deemed harmful such as defense companies, tobacco stock, gun manufacturers or oil producers.

A socially conscious investor would seek businesses that believe in improving the environment, giving back to the community and playing a role in improving society. However, while socially responsible investments will make the investor feel better, they may not be the best way to invest money.