Check Out Why Your Website Needs a CDN And Save

As we all know, loading speed of a website is crucial for good ranking and better visibility in the search results. This is the reason why we have to pay attention to this issue and to speed up our website as much as possible. There are many different methods of how we can do this. Using CDN is definitely one of them.

For those who are not familiar with this issue, we need to clarify some things in the beginning. So, what CDN actually is?

In short, Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of more independent servers placed at different locations across the world. This is crucial for loading speed of any website, because it shortens the “path” that visitor has to “travel” to reach your website (figurative speaking, of course).

For example, if you have a classic WP website and if you hosted it on, let’s say, Hostgator, then physical location of your server will be in Houston, Texas. This is not a problem if you have a small website with modest traffic volume. However, it can be a serious problem if you have a website with a huge number of daily visitors. In this situation, you can have problems with overloaded server, which might have a negative impact on the speed. Moreover, this situation usually ends up with server crashes, which is a situation we all need to avoid.

As we mentioned above, it is a network of several servers that are installed in different locations across the world. Each of these servers contains cached versions of your static content, including media files, Flash, CSS…This means that every visitor to your website will be automatically redirected to the closest server location. You don’t have to be expert to conclude that this “strategy” can significantly speed up your website. At the end, this will not only have positive effects on the general user experience, but also on the ranking.

As you can see, a CDN can make a difference here and boost your online business. It is not only about loading speed, but also about user experience and Search Engine Optimization.

It is not the secret that Google uses speed as one of the most important ranking factors, along with other things like quality of content and backlink profile. So, if you have great content, optimized pages and clean and diverse backlink profile, and still struggling to reach the first page, then you should check the speed of your website.


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